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Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA) is a membership-based community development corporation dedicated to resident empowerment and sustainable community revitalization for current and future residents of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley.

As a community development corporation (CDC), CBA is a professional, not-for-profit organization providing economic development, real estate development, and resident empowerment to promote and support our community and region.

Three decades after CBA’s first acquisition of a derelict tenement, CBA is a professionally staffed CDC with a portfolio of 476 residential rental units and an additional 50 homes sold to first-time homebuyers. We give low-income and working-class families the opportunity to live in safe and attractive affordable homes. In addition, CBA has been integral in the development of properties providing retail, office, community center, and light industrial space. 

Although for most of CBA’s 37 years, we have concentrated on the Acre neighborhood, CBA serves the city of Lowell and the surrounding region, focusing on lower-income residents and struggling neighborhoods. We promote healthy, vibrant neighborhoods and communities by developing resident leaders, affordable housing and economic opportunities, and by responding to community needs through collective action.



CBA is Hiring

Two Commonwealth Corps Youth Development Program Associates (Due May 24, 2019)


Youth Program Coordinator