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Post Purchase Education

Post-purchase education and counseling is a vital part of homeowner education, helping to support successful long-term homeownership.

CBA‘s Preserving Your Home post purchase education program offers group education to homeowners focusing on sustaining homeownership; teaching homeowners how to manage their property as an asset and use their equity responsibly while learning how to maintain their properties to promote safety and prevent future costly repairs.

Preserving Your Home program

  • Financial management
  • Reducing homeownership costs
  • Instilling smart home maintenance practices
  • Avoiding delinquency and foreclosure.

Classes are taught by our trained staff along with local insurance professionals, financial experts and home improvement contractors.

CBA’s post-purchase education program consists of two classes for homeowners.

Money management program

  • Budget review
  • Credit review
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance coverage needs
  • Banking.

Home maintenance program

  • Regular upkeep
  • Energy saving and “going green” tips
  • Finding a good home repair contractor
  • Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, fire extinguishers and other maintenance
  • Community resources and opportunities for community involvement.

Post purchase counseling prepares families to be successful homeowners. Successful homeowners avoid foreclosure, benefiting the entire community.