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Community Building


Monthly Potlucks

It is the connections and relationships we have with other people that make our experiences with organizations rich and meaningful, yet so often we are not given the opportunity to build those relationships.  These Monthly Potlucks, held the last Thursday of each month, have food to share, people to socialize with, and a hot topic of discussion!  Bring your favorite dish, or just something quick and easy.  Meet and mingle with CBA staff, CBA members, and other leaders and residents from Lowell.  This is also an opportunity for service providers to promote their programs in a very unique way.  For more information, contact Bunrith Sath at bunrith.sath@cbacre.org or 978-452-7523 x809.

The Acre Coalition to Improve Our Neighborhood

Acre residents have a voice in the city with the creation of an Acre neighborhood group, ACTION (Acre Committee to Improve Our Neighborhood). The group works with the city, UMass Lowell, other neighborhood groups, and other organizations to represent the Acre’s interests and advocate for its residents and businesses. ACTION Chairman Dave Ouellette, a lifelong Acre resident and President of Passe Temps Club in the Acre for 26 years, helped form the group after being elected to the CBA board last year. As he began working with CBA, it became apparent to him that although CBA had in the past been called on to speak for resident issues, a resident lead group rather than a Community Development Corporation (CDC) would more effectively serve that role. ACTION meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Passe Temps Club at 371 Moody Street.